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Why the success of online casinos?

According to the reports of the last quarter of 2016 it is said that the gross income of these Online casinos in New Jersey exceeded the sum of 33 million euros. When comparing this income with the same period of 2015, there was an increase of 16.4%.

The data presented in the reports of the DGOJ are very telling and is that for example, it is estimated that in the country more than 1 million people are registered and participate in online betting.

But what have been the factors that have influenced the popularity or boom of online casinos?

Well, you should know that these are the following:

Your safety: you must be clear that in Spain since 2012 the DGOJ is in charge of granting the badge to online casinos “Safe Gambling”. This address only gives this badge to those casinos that encourage responsible gambling . Similarly, you should keep in mind that today the reviews of online casinos and their games are more exhaustive, so that fraud has been avoided.

Your welcome bonus. These bonuses have undoubtedly managed to catch more than one player and is that who is not attracted to a bonus that increases your income by 100, 200, 300% or more.

Enjoy the new technologies. The online casinos have been able to use the new technologies very well, seeking to improve the gaming experience of its users. That’s why we can enjoy games with better animations, more interactive, we can also play from mobile devices and we can enjoy from there or from the computer of different game models, both as it comes to slots, table games, action , among others.

Finally, we can not stop talking about the option of online casino game live. With it, casinos have taken to the streaming to give their players the possibility to feel the realism of the online physical game, but making use of their computers or mobile devices.

Note that of the wide range of games presented by online casinos 46.7% corresponds to the slots, while roulette, which is the leading internet game, presents us 35.5%.